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Q: What are the machines required to start Wire Nail Making factory?

A: The machines required in a Wire Nail Making Plant is Nails Making Machine, Polishing Machine/Barrel, Wire Rolling Stand and Cutter Grinder. If you are planning large scale production, you can also install Wire Drawing Machines.


Q: Which type of raw material is used to produce Wire Nails?

A: Ms Wire (Mild Steel Wire) and HB Wire (Hard Bright Wire) are the raw materials to produce Wire Nails.


Q: What are the differences between Ms Wire and HB Wire (Mild Steel Wire and HB Wire)?

A: MS Wire is basically iron that contains up to about 0.20% of carbon. The presence carbon makes it stronger and harder than pure iron. Also high carbon presents will increase the hardness of the steel. These MS Wires are used widely for making wire nails, screws, and welded wire mesh. This wire is also used in the fabrication of grills and bucket handles.

It is:

Ø Rustproof

Ø High tensile strength

Ø Highly ductile

Ø Durable service life

Ø Impeccable finish

HB wire is made of high quality raw materials. Use of quality raw materials will improve the applicability of the product and it ensure longer life. This Wire is redrawn to finer sizes for most of the general applications which include cloth hangers, steel wool making, panel pins of wall frames, bucket handles, kitchen baskets and containers, pipes & poles, cemented frames etc.

It is:

Ø Anti-corrosive

Ø Cost-effective

Ø Ductile and malleable

Ø High tensile strength

Ø Highly durable

Q: How many labours / manpower required are needed for a Wire Nail Making Plant?

A: It depends on the capacity of the factory. For a small unit which has a capacity of 1.2 ton per day, required only one technician and a helper.


Q: Is it possible to make all sizes of Nails from one Wire Nail Making Machine?

A: No, there are some limitations. Each machine can only produce sizes within a certain range. For example, we have series of models, their size range as follows:


Model N25: 6.4mm to 45mm, Model N50: 12mm to 75mm, Model N75: 25mm to 100mm, Model N125: 25mm to 125mm, Model N150: 50mm to 152mm.


Model N25: 0.9mm to 1.8mm, Model N50: 1.7mm to 2.9mm, Model N75: 2.0mm to 4.1mm, Model N125: 2.64mm to 4.9mm, Model N150: 4mm to 6mm.


Q: Is MS Nails and Concrete Nails are made on the same machine?

A: No. Concrete Nail Making Machine is different. That Concrete Nail Making line consist of Wire Drawing Machine, Wire Annealing Unit, Polishing Machine, Nail Tampering Unit, Nail Hardening Unit and Nail Galvanizing Unit. It required huge space and Multi millions of investment.



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