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Business Objectives


Is Wire Nail Making / Manufacturing is a good business?

A: We normally justify a project is good or bad by measuring the profit which we get at the end. Regarding Wire Nail Making, there are always a big demand for Wire Nails as New Buildings, New Houses and other New Constructions happening locally and around the globe. If we look at the market, there are very good opportunities in Developing countries like Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria, Algeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria, Tanzania, Congo, Uganda, Ivory Cost etc.. Even developed and undeveloped countries also have huge market for Wire Nails.

Profit part, the price of finished Wire nail is 75% to 85% higher than the raw material price. So there is no need to worry about viability or profitability of the project.

Q: Is Wire Nail Making Machines are durable?

A: We are known for highly reliable, high-speed, low maintenance, easy to operate wire nail making machine and wire drawing machine as well as ancillary machineries for Wire Industries. We use premium grade raw material / components such as steel casting, gun metal, Motor, Starter etc. So our machines are guaranteed for durability.


Q: How to calculate profitability of Wire Nail Making project in India?

A: It is easy to calculate profitability. Profit calculation formula of Wire Nail Making as follows:


Q: How much area / place required for a Wire Nail Making Unit?

A: It depends on the production capacity of the factory. If you are planning a humble beginning, 1500 sq. ft. will be enough for a 1.2 ton daily production capacity unit.


Q: What are the consumables required for Wire Nail Machine?

A: There are some spares need to be changed. The items as follows:

Gripping Die, Cutter Tools, Header Punch, Feeding Finger, Ejector etc..


Q: How to choose a best place for Wire Nail Making / Manufacturing factory?

A: Nails making machines make noise between 60 to 100 db. So it is not suitable to start in a residential area or town area. It is better to select a place in Industrial plots or low populated area or village area etc, so the loud noise will not effect to anyone.

Q: What are the different types of Nails?

A: There are different types of nails available in the market, It is used for different applications. The types are, Common Nails, Coil Welded Nails, Plastic Collated Strip Nail, Paper Collated Strip Nail, Duplex Nails, Sinker Nails, Concrete Nails, Umbrella Head Roofing Nail, Twisted Roofing Nail, Clout Nail, U Type Nail, Finishing Nail, Ring Shank Nail, Square Boat Nail, Cut Nails

Q: How to import Wire Nail Making Machine?

A: It is very easy to import machines to your country. After receiving our Proforma, you have to make advance payment by Bank Transfer, We will confirm receipt of your payment and pass work order to our factory. Once machines are ready, we will request you for balance payment. Upon receipt of your settlement amount, we ship your machines along with required documents and we will courier you the original shipping documents. Once you receive cargo arrival intimation from shipper, you have to approach customs clearing agents along with original shipping documents to clear and release cargo from your port.


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